How do I determine my size?

Determine your ring size by downloading our sizing tool by clicking here.

Why choose a wooden ring?

If you are the owner of one of my rings or are interested in acquiring one, it is important to keep a few things in mind…

Each ring was once a part of a living, growing tree. Which makes it such a special item to wear close to you.

My rings are perfect for the individual who is looking for something  to compliment their uniqueness.

They are also ideal for individuals suffering from metal allergies or sensitive skin.

They’re also very comfortable to wear!

How is every ring unique?

My rings are made from hardwood species and are hand crafted over many hours.

Wood has natural variations in colour as well as unique grain patterns therefore no two rings will ever be identical.

How strong are they?:

They are very strong and durable. Because the wood grain runs horizontally alongside the circumference of the ring, it creates a VERY strong ring that will not be easily broken.

Are they waterproof?
My rings are water resistant which means they can withstand water to an extent. However they should not be submerged into water for extended periods of time.

How do I take care of one of these rings?

Your ring must still be treated with a bit more care than the run of the mill standard steel ring. But this definitely adds to the value and character of these special rings.

Do not leave your ring in direct sunlight for extended periods of time or leave it submerged in water (you can however wash your hands whilst still wearing your ring).

Polishing at least once every 2 weeks using our natural Beeswax polish (ideal) or a furniture oil you may also use organic coconut or linseed oils.